Power, manoeuvrability, and comfort. Welcome to the next generation of Sports Yachts.

Maybe its the understated profile. Or the clean, open interior design. It might be the fact that you can barely hear its power plant running. Whatever it is, New Ocean Yachts latest entry into Sports Yachts is hard to fault.
Discerning customers have every right to be thinking, if it sounds too good to be true.... But the facts remain; heres an extraordinary vessel with long list of pluses.
Let's start with the heart. There are four Volvo Penta IPS engines underpinning the high performance of this craft. Whether you're leisurely cruising, executing a tight u-turn or manoeuvring into a narrow berth, this quad-power plant will meet  even exceed the most experienced skippers need for total and effortless control. And this goes for rough water cruising as well as calm water sightseeing.
You'd be within your rights to assume that four engines are going to be thirsty. But its an incorrect assumption. At top-speed total fuel consumption is about 333 litres per hour; at 23 knots, about 227 litres per hour. The advantages of the IPS configuration make it a viable option, and the 710 Sports Yacht is a case in point. Its important to note that the 710 will also be available with Cummins Zeus and inboard shaft drive engine options.
The engine room is accessed port side and the four compact IPS engines fit snugly with just enough space to slide between. For cosmetic effect, the shipyard has added blue rope lighting around the engines which creates an ambient glow.
With IPS there's no need for stern or bow thrusters. And the advantages of this proven design become evident once youre on the helm. With excellent line-of-sight, manoeuvring is controlled from a joystick. All of sudden, moving this cruiser to centre, or gently coaxing her into tight positioning, is merely a task, not a problem. In other words, the Quad Volvo IPS600 engines enable this super yacht to handle nimbly as well as quickly.
Still on the helm station, there's an elevated double bench that provides excellent vision forward and through the side windows. There are Raymarine digital displays on the grey metallic console which are easy-to-read. Importantly, all controls are in easy reach, including the switch that controls the sunroof.
Cruising with the sunroof open is just as quiet as when its closed. Much of this muted noise is due to the design and construction; solid fibreglass bottom and foam cored sides.
The interior fit-out is exquisite with its understated elegance. Naval Architect Jason Kao who heads a team of experienced designers and craftsmen at their shipyard in Kaoshiung, Taiwan, is himself understated. The interior design of the 710 Sports Yacht exemplifies a unique synthesis of east-meets-west. Standard finish within the master is lush cherry wood.  However, the finish specifications can be changed to suit a customers preference. This applies throughout the three staterooms including the full beam master, which is fitted with a large cedar closet and ensuite bathroom.
From the spacious cockpit its easy to see the teak-covered swim platform which is large enough to seat a PWC. The hydraulic system simplifies lowering the platform for easy launching.
Much of the sheer pleasure in cruising is derived from structural design and construction. The 710 design is based on a deep-V hull with moulded sprails. To reduce noise, the hull is solid fibreglass below the waterline. Above the waterline its vacuum-bagged Divinycell foam coring, as are the stingers, which are bonded to the hull and encapsulated in layers of cloth and resin. All bulkheads and subfloors are cored and vacuum-bagged to help reduce weight while adding strength.

To the business-end of cruising, the galley design continues the open-plan, well-lit aesthetic this sport yacht embodies. The galley is designed to feel bigger, more spacious than expected from a 7111 vessel.
But its more than a showpiece; the galleys totally functional with a complete assortment of appliances from the standard profile convection oven to the optional garbage compactor. If you're into long-range cruising, the galley includes four drawer-type Sub-Zeros.
In summary, the 710 Sports Yacht combines performance and manoeuvrability with world-class fit and finish. It is also the synthesis of east-west sensibilities and understated design. Even more exciting is the fact that the first of this impressive new range, the 630 Sports Yacht, will make its debut at the Sydney International Boat Show in August this year, and will reflect all that weve discovered of the 710.
This next generation of Sports Yacht just hit a new high.