New Ocean launches with help from Twin Disc joystick
When New Ocean Yachts’ Keith Hanson manoeuvred his new 68 Flybridge into Cockle Bay for the Sydney Boat Show set-up last week he was grateful the boat includes a Twin Disc EJS joystick system. She is a big boat at more than 72 feet overall and around 52 tonnes," said Hanson. "A lot of other boats were already in place in the marina. I simply stood at the aft flybridge and was able to "thread the needle" with the joystick.“It provided me with incredible control. There were moments when the boat was less than a metre away from another boat’s protruding anchor yet there was no danger.”
 Hanson said that, despite many years of experience handling large boats, “without the EJS I am not sure I could have brought the boat into position without them”.
The new boat, Komotion, is a three cabin model owned by long-time boating enthusiasts Bruce and Julie Scott.
Twin Disc’s Managing Director, Glenn Frettingham, said the Scotts had first seen a demonstration of the integrated joystick system at the company’s Sydney showroom. They quickly specified EJS for their New Ocean.
“The choice was as much for safety as manoeuvrability,” said Frettingham. “Bruce wanted the system so that any member of his family could feel confident controlling the boat.”
EJS offers seamless docking and slow-speed handling on traditional shaft-drive boats by combining Twin Disc’s patented QuickShift gearbox technology with hydraulic bow only or bow and stern thruster systems.
According to Frettingham, EJS is suitable for any power boat with twin engines rated at more than 500hp.
The latest New Ocean from the company’s Taiwan yard is powered by twin C32 Caterpillar turbo diesel engines rated at 1,470hp connected to Twin Disc QuickShift gearboxes.
The boat is equipped with three Twin Disc EJS joysticks, one on the port side of the cockpit, one inside the flybridge next to the port helm seat and the third on the starboard side flybridge aft deck. The cockpit and flybridge deck units are neatly stowed inside specially-designed cabinets.
Hanson guided the boat into Cockle Bay from the starboard deck unit.
“A few people pondered who was in control of the boat,” laughed Hanson. “I was standing, leaning against the rail with my fingers barely touching the joystick. There was no one else on board and a few people stared into the flybridge with no one at the helm!”

Twin Disc’s Glenn Frettingham (left)  with Keith Hanson from New Ocean Yachts.