What’s all this Komotion?

New Ocean Yachts has recently been featured in the online content of Ocean Magazine, with the New Ocean 68 MV Komotion gaining attention for having the largest ever gyro stabiliser system installed onboard. 

A Seakeeper M21000 gyro, produced by Twin Disc (Pacific), has been installed and the boat will take pride of place in the Twin Disc on-water display at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May this year. 

As the Ocean Magazine article states, “She has been a superb craft from day one and handles well in all sea states,” said owner, Bruce Scott. “We decided to add the stabiliser to make the ride even more comfortable and particularly to offer great stability at anchor.

“We often entertain on board Komotion around Sydney Harbour and all our guests are impressed on how stable our boat is, even when another boat passes by.”

The M21000 is designed to actively stabilise most vessels with displacements up to 90 tons. Seakeeper’s unique state-of-the-art motion control system actively regulates the hydraulic braking system to ensure the anti-roll torque is maximised for all hull designs and for the ever-changing operating and sea conditions.


The Seakeeper M21000 gyro in the engine room of the New Ocean cruiser.

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